Build On Relationships


Hamilton Equity Partners is a boutique investment firm that pursues a wide range of growth investments, with the goal of expanding our portfolio and maximizing returns. We believe in creating an investment culture in which aligned interests ensures our dedication to mutual success.


25 years of experience

Hamilton Equity Partners focuses on acquisitions, capitalizing on both cash-flowing properties, and strategic long-term holdings.

The principals’ investments range from multi-family properties to commercial office buildings, with a significant concentration in hospitality. This specialized platform is designed to expand the reach of investment capital with a focus on best in class office buildings and skilled nursing facilities. The founders understand the diverse nature of real estate investments and have successfully assembled a portfolio of properties located in New York City and across the US.


A multigenerational firm with over a half a century of experience in New York Real Estate.


Dedicated to our partners.

Aligned Interests

Pursuing opportunities with mutually beneficial structures ensure Hamilton’s commitment to our partners.

Seeking long-term partnerships.

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