Board of Directors

Shimmie Horn

Shimmie Horn, a principal founder of Hamilton Equity Partners, is a seasoned real estate investor and manager.   In 1994, Mr. Horn became the proprietor of his family’s three generation hotel enterprise, and under his guidance, propelled it to new heights of success, expanding its holdings to include multi-family properties, commercial properties, and many other real estate ventures. Mr. Horn is the co-owner of Triumph Hotels, a unique set of Manhattan boutique hotels, strategically situated around the city in popular locations.  Mr. Horn currently owns over 1800 apartment units and is responsible for managing their day to day operations, as well as coordinating and overseeing multiple construction and redevelopment projects for real estate properties in his portfolio.  Mr. Horn holds a J.D. degree from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and currently serves on their Board of Directors.  From construction management and vendor process administration to discovering new real estate investment opportunities and analyzing their viability, Mr. Horn’s vast experience has molded a diverse and intricate set of skills to support and build Hamilton Equity Partners’ growth and success.

Gerald Barad

Gerald Barad, a principal founder of Hamilton Equity Partners, is a veteran real estate owner and investor, operating in the hotel industry since 1985.   In February of 2014, Mr. Barad and his business partner Mr. Horn united six iconic boutique properties to form the Triumph Hotels. Mr. Barad has been an active investor in commercial and multifamily residential real estate in New York City for over 25 years, maintaining interests in over 25 hotels and 12,000 apartments.

Mr. Barad received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Emory University and holds a graduate degree in social work from the University of Southern California.  His current responsibilities include working with the executive and management teams, developing brand-wide programming, overseeing multi-million dollar renovations within several of the hotels, and exploring strategic opportunities to expand the Triumph portfolio.  Mr. Barad’s wide breadth and depth of experience has culminated in the formation of unique and distinctive proficiencies, enabling him to serve as a vital contributor to Hamilton Equity Partners’ rising future.

Sid Borenstein

Sid Borenstein is the founder of Sid Borenstein & Company, a CPA firm established in 1986. Mr. Borenstein holds a B.A. in Accounting from Queens College and has been a practicing CPA since 1982. His firm specializes in real estate structure, finance and taxes, representing some of the largest real estate principals in the New York City market.  Mr. Borenstein has been an active principal in a wide variety of real estate investments since the late 1980’s, including nursing homes, multi-family housing, shopping centers, hotels, and industrial buildings.  Under Ed Koch’s affordable housing program, Mr. Borenstein developed residential apartment buildings and continues to maintain ownership of these properties.  He became a founder and board member of a publicly traded home healthcare agency in 1995 and entered the hotel market with the purchase of the Chandler and Cambridge hotels in 1998.

Mr. Borenstein has been responsible for syndicating investor groups, shepherding the process from inception to investment, managing operations post-closing and excelling at creating a harmonious group to achieve profitable goals. He has been able to form unions that have spanned multi-generations, which have relied on his stewardship for trust and guidance. Mr. Borenstein’s unique partnership, property development, and acquisition analysis skills serve as a powerful foundation for Hamilton’s future.

Joseph Katz

Joseph Katz, a founding partner of Hamilton Equity Partners, as well as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, possesses an extensive history in the financial field, specializing in complex financial transactions and collaborations.  In 1996, Mr. Katz became a partner in a variety of real estates assets with Mr.  Horn, and in 2000, joined the Triumph Hotel team, assisting with the financial management of its properties.  In 2007, Mr. Katz recognized Brooklyn as an emerging and growing market and began purchasing buildings for conversion.   He maintains a niche familiarity with the Brooklyn market, possessing investments in over 50 properties, and continues to focus on sourcing real estate deals within the five boroughs of New York City.  Mr. Katz holds solid and advantageous relationships with large lenders and funding institutions, as well as smaller and local New York banks.  In the last five years, Mr. Katz has arranged over $500 million in financing for various real estate investments.    Mr. Katz utilizes his diverse history and expertise in the financial arena to assist Hamilton Equity Partners with fund sourcing, acquisition financing and cash flow management, serving as a valuable resource and strong foundation for Hamilton’s operation and performance.